EZ Referral Charity

Welcome to EZ Referral Charity. Our goal is to help these great organizations raise money by using the EZ Referral Network. You have two options to get started.

Option 1 - Search By Charity

If you already know the organization’s name select their name from the drop down. Then you’ll be able to search which dealerships in your area participate with that selected charity.

Please select the Charity :


Option 2 - Search By Dealer

Use this option when you want to search for the dealerships in your area. Once you select the dealership you will then choose which organization you want your referral fee to be donated to. To get started enter your zip code and the how far you’re willing to travel.

Please enter your Zip Code :
Please select a mile radius :
If your organization is interested in participating in the EZ Referral Network please email support@ezreferralnetwork.com with your organization and a contact person.
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Please select a mile radius :

Available for download

W9 Form

Please complete a W9 for your organization and fax it back to 732-922-9835 or scan and email it to support@ezreferralnetwork.com